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1. Full Name
2. Email Address
3. Phone Number
4. For how many years have you been growing cannabis?
5. What is the size of your current or most recent grow?

5B. Are you comfortable growing 100 lights in flower?

6. What medium(s) do you have experience growing with?
7. How much weight (in lbs) are you producing per light?
8. Will you be self-funded, or will you require financial assistance?
9. Do you have a team?
10. If not, are you looking to hire a team?
11. Are you currently operating in the black/grey market? (Note: This information is voluntary and will be kept confidential.)
11 B. If yes, for how much are you currently selling your product per lb? (Again, this is voluntary and entirely confidential.)
12. Are you currently growing under approved Health Canada standards and protocol?
12 B. If no, are you equipped to modify your growing practices to meet these standards?
13. Which genetics and/or strains do you have experience growing? Which would you like to bring with you? (Micro-growers are permitted a one-time influx of black/grey-market genetics as per Health Canada regulations.)
Sitka WEEDWORKS provides a Health Canada compliant home for Micro-Growers to access Health Canada licensing. 
Sitka WEEDWORKS Purpose-Built And Pre-Zoned For Commercial Production Facilities Include:
  • Dedicated Nursery: To grow your unique genetics.
  • Processing/Packaging: In-house processing and packaging capabilities.
  • A Craft Campus: Dedicated to helping you expand your knowledge and hone your craft.
  • Support: A team of experienced entrepreneurs, marketers, lawyers, and cultivators is here to support you every step of the way, from seedling to branding and beyond.
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